Novelist Says Shen Yun, ‘An amazing performance from every point of view’

February 10, 2018

“It’s beautiful, very artistic, beautifully done, quite spectacular in fact.”

“It is light hearted, colourful program with beautiful acrobats, dancers, wonderful presentation, wonderful costumes … I think unique. It’s a wonderful experience.”

“It’s an amazing performance from every point of view. The production, the dancing, the message, … It’s all very powerful and very beautiful and very well done.”

“It’s kind of clever the way that we’re taken from the Tang Dynasty to the Han Dynasty to the Middle Kingdom so we’re being given a glimpse of Chinese culture through the millennia and I think it’s beautifully done, very artistic and very beautiful.”

“I think it’s very good that they would find out about the truth about what’s going on in China today. … people would be able to relate to it in a universal way … I think it’s a universal message that we need more tolerance in the world.”