Naturopath Felt Honored to See Shen Yun

March 29, 2017

“I loved it. I felt so honored to be able to see this traditional Chinese dance that people in China can’t even see … What a treasure. I felt honored through the entire thing.”

“[I loved] the fluidity, the precision, the continuity between the dancers, their language of form and music and sound that they all embraced together, in this total picture of perfection, like they’re all moving together, the same mode, the same sound, the same vibration. They all were able to perform to it exactly the same, and it looked like they were on rollers.”

“[The stories] were wonderful. They were so unique.” 

“I’m walking away with a wonderful feeling of fullness. Beautiful sound—the instrumental [soloist]. The traditional Chinese instrument with the two strings (erhu) has always been such an absolute favorite of mine, and to have it performed so perfectly was just a treasure.”

“I got a feeling of togetherness and peace, and the fact that it was performed with such joy, and such beautiful music, and all the things that make us feel uplifted.” 

“It was amazing.”