Musician Says Shen Yun’s Erhu Soloist Is ‘Really Terrific’

April 20, 2018

“I was incredibly impressed. I come from a musical and dance background. I am both an instrumentalist, a vocalist, and a dancer. And it has been a long time that I have seen something this high quality. Very unique, very colorful. Vivid colors were pleasing to the eye.”

“Not only impressed technically but also with a nice feeling. … Very serene, appreciative of all the wonderful things that are out there that we don’t take enough time to reflect upon. Perhaps it kind of centers you and brings you back to a place that can adjust your perspective in a positive way.”

“I was especially impressed by the [erhu] soloist, … she was spot on, really terrific. There wasn’t anything off there. The way she changed time signatures [was] just so fluid—effortless. I was very impressed. I would love to see her performance even more.”

“The dancers were terrific. What can you say about them? … My words couldn’t do justice for what they did out there. … Some of the moves I’ve seen on the stage tonight haven’t seen before. And like I said, I come from a dance background.”

“So it was unique, something that I am not typically exposed to, and it was very, very nice.”