Musician Says Shen Yun Orchestra ‘High Caliber’

January 12, 2017

“The orchestra was outstanding, particularly the oboe player, but that’s my favorite. The live orchestra really added a lot, and the interplay between the dancers onstage and the live music was just phenomenal.”
“All the musicians were excellent, of high caliber. It was really interesting to hear the Chinese instruments, the Chinese folk instruments, mixed in with the western orchestral instruments, and it really gave it the right kind of sound and flavor and character for the show. … I think they were integrated and melded very well and worked beautifully together.”
“The choreography was excellent. … It’s visually stunning. It’s captivating because of the dancing and the choreography, and the music. And it leaves you with a good feeling and good sense of rightness in the world. … It was just charming and riveting.”
“Uplifting—especially with all the trouble that’s going on. … it leaves you with an uplifting feeling that there’s hope. … I thought the show was very inspiring.”

Bill Sneddon, oboist, woodwind musician
David H. Koch Theater, New York, United States
Shen Yun International Company
January 11, 2017