Musician Says Shen Yun ‘one of the best shows I’ve ever seen’

February 5, 2017

“It was fantastic. I go to the theater often, very, very often. In fact, three theaters in Rhode Island I attend, and this one was one of the best, best shows I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it to everyone. It’s just wonderful, wonderful. The art, the artistic ability, and the showmanship, and everything; it’s just wonderful, absolutely wonderful.”

“It was very unique, very unique. … It was nice seeing the mix of the two types of music.”

“[Stories] they were so gorgeous. They were just so gorgeous … It seemed like they were defining God, and Jesus, and how to be nice to people, and respect your neighbor, and everything. I’ve seen all that in the singers that were singing separately on stage, so I was really amazed by that.”

“I’m going tell everybody about this. In fact we have a very well-known Facebook page, so I’m going to go on Facebook, and I’ll tell all my friends and my fans that follow me about this wonderful, wonderful show.”