Musician Praises Everything in Shen Yun

February 26, 2017

“I loved it, I thought it was amazing in every way. I thought that the way everything got integrated, the costumes and the scenery and the music, I learned a lot by the integration between the Western and Eastern instruments. I studied ballet in my earlier life—but this is much more comprehensive, I knew nothing about Chinese dance before today.”

“Well [the dancers are] extremely physical but I thought they were also very beautiful on the movement, told a story and I was vey impressed by the group, stayed exactly together. …The synchronization was impeccable and really good. There was everything, there was drama, there was humor, spirituality, it was just really great.”

“Very happy, very happy all the time. … I definitely felt a connection too, more of a world connection because again it’s a different culture.”

“I would say it’s spectacular but it also has an intimacy to it that I really enjoy. It’s just beautiful visually but in the feelings that you get—also rather intimate.”

“Oh [orchestra], they’re great. I love that two string instrument because it sounds almost like a combination between a flute and singing but it’s not—it’s a string. So I heard the sound—it’s plaintive, it’s kind of a melancholy sound to me.”