Musician Finds Shen Yun Orchestra a Wonderful Combination of Sounds

January 20, 2018

“The music is wonderful, I like the combination of the Chinese instruments and the western instruments. I love Chinese instruments. … I loved the sound so the music is wonderful.”

“It’s just the combination of sounds that I like, and the different styles of music. … the funny bits of dancing and that’s reflected in the music. The humour comes through in the music, particularly with the trombone in that funny section. It was wonderful.”

“The dancing was superb. It’s just beautiful, and the costume. I loved the choreography, the way they move around and you get the different shapes formed by the dancing. Just beautiful! Wonderful!”

“[The dancers,] they’re just clever. They’re just good.”

“The girl that did the twirls when she was wearing the high heels, that was just so clever. She made it look so simple, just twirling around as quickly as she did. But they’re all so good. Also, they all dance in synchronisation so well. There’s never one that is out of time or out of sync. Their movements are just perfect.”

“The way they interact with the back screen, where they jump into the screen and they suddenly jump out again, is timed so well that it just looks real. You know it’s not but the timing is so good.”