Musician Finds Her Experience at Shen Yun ‘Very Sacred’

January 6, 2018

“I sing so I was very interested in the vocals. That was wonderful to listen to. And the erhu I, loved that instrument very much. I was very glad that you had it demonstrated on stage in a solo that was great. And the whole experience for me was very sacred. Very sacred.”

“I loved the combination of the Chinese heritage instruments and the modern instruments. It was a nice marriage. I really enjoyed that a lot.”

“[The soloists] were very well placed, and it was very well done the whole production. And I loved having the narrators speaking in Chinese and English and then trading—it was so fun. And I really appreciated the wit. It’s so beautiful.”

“To say that we are getting away from the divine, and we need to come back to the divine, and to the sacred, and to the holy, I resonate with that totally.”