Musician Fascinated With Stories Told Through Music in Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra

October 11, 2018

“The music I found is so interesting because it’s being transcended from the Eastern culture to the Western instruments, and transcended into Western music. I found the connection to be fascinating. It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful.”

“So grateful to have the opportunity to hear it. … The soloist was beautiful [Fiona Zheng]. Her execution was eloquent and she brought such a grace and beauty to the music. It was a great thing. Really terrific.”

“The picture that it draws … [it paints] different landscapes, and dynasties—the culture of it is very fascinating. Music always tells a story and that’s what you aspire to hear, understand, and listen to. That’s what musicians bring from their soul and their abilities, to transcend that music and make it understandable in a way for us, which is a challenge. It’s beautiful.”

“[Music] continues to be a healing medicine for all of us in this world.”