Musician Family Appreciates Shen Yun

January 7, 2018

“I think it was wonderful. I think the young dancers were amazing and we were just discussing how light they looked, and just the whole choreography, the colors, everything was really beautiful. Enjoyed it.”

“I enjoyed [the soprano] very much. The orchestra was even better. I liked … the erhu, how do you say it? The erhu. Very beautiful.”

“That particular instrument is like a violin, so it speaks, it’s like singing. It’s really beautiful. I really like it. I feel like I went to China and back today.”

“I felt like I went on a journey around the provinces to see the different traditional dances and the different time periods of the dynasties. Yes, it was lovely. I really appreciated that, and there was humor and the storytelling was great.”

Sarah Zbogar, music teacher
Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, Canada
Shen Yun New York Company
January 6, 2018