Musician: Being at Shen Yun, ‘I Have Goosebumps Everywhere’

'The experience of it, it's saving me'
May 4, 2018

“I like it very much, it’s my third time to come here, and every time it’s like overwhelming me. And it’s always emotionally and spiritually, and actually going through me with everything they have—with the music and the dancers, what they do together is amazing.”

“I can’t describe what it is, but when they do, they touch me. Being here for the [performance], and be able to see it and feel it and near it, and I have goosebumps everywhere.”

“I like the music very much, and dancers are perfectly synched, it’s not normal how they do it, just really awesome to see it. So I like it very much.”

“If you go to the performance, it’s really awesome. I’m feeling so well now, it’s like I’m ready for another year to go.”

“I had some emotional days, and thanks to now going to this [performance], and the experience of it, it’s saving me. … It’s going through my heart, I can’t really describe it with the right words, but the feeling is enormous, that’s really great. Thank you for this, Shen Yun!”