Musician: At Shen Yun ‘One immerses oneself into another world’

April 5, 2017

“I am most impressed with the orchestra, especially because of the extremely complex music. The orchestra was put together very well, given the blending of Chinese and European instruments. It was so uniform and of a very high level. In my opinion, it was a very difficult repertoire.”

“The blending of the different instruments results in a different tone from the usual Western music. But this was the charm and the allure of the music.”

“When attending a Shen Yun show one has to assimilate and adjust to the mood of the environment. It takes a moment and then one immerses oneself into another world. It is a wonderful atmosphere and I was very impressed by it.”

“The classical Chinese dance is amazing and one is astonished to note that it is not the toe dance, but different dance styles than seen in European theaters.”

“The tenor was a strong singer and it was excellent that one could read the text on the backdrop.”

“The tone of the erhu touched my heart. I do know of the erhu and I could tell from the tone that it was the erhu. I heard it for the first time as a solo instrument and it was very impressive as to what could be done with just two strings. It has a mournful sound and a deepness, which is very effective.”

“The musicians are very intensive and enjoy from deep within what they are doing. This is what I felt today and this is commendable.”