Music Educator Appreciates Pure Vibrations of Erhu Solo

February 18, 2018

“I think [Shen Yun] is excellent, it speaks to a lot of people of all ages.”

“I particularly enjoyed the sounds of the tremolo, of the string instrument [erhu]. I thought it was a beautiful vibration—I just loved it.”

“I particularly like that they didn’t use microphone for the traditional instrument [erhu] so that we just got the pure vibrations, without being amplified is something very special. Very intimate! Very special!”

“I thought the dances were beautiful—the synchronicity of course was outstanding, but it was more than that. It showed that the dynamics of the male dance, and the dynamics of the female, those blended together.”

“I had moments where I teared up and moments when I would laugh—[Shen Yun] had it all.”

“It shows there’s great hope for the future. I leave this performance feeling more spacious, more hopeful—lighter.”