Music Director Says Shen Yun ‘Very Mind-Opening’

May 1, 2017

“Very unusual, beautiful performance. The soprano was most interesting because of her style, which is obviously of Chinese origin, and it is distinct and different from our western style of singing. So it’s very educational to cure this style which obviously must be a very old and original style of Chinese.”

“The effect of using the video with the dance and the technique is most interesting and unusual and something I don’t think we have seen done predominantly in large measure here in the United States. It’s very good and unusual, creative effect with the video.”

“Oh, they [dancers] are quite exceptional. It’s evident that the many different styles of dance that have been shown for the first half only, date back, I am sure as stated, thousands of years. It’s something most Americans have no concept of how old your [Chinese] culture is in general and certainly the nature of your heart. It’s absolutely fantastic. It’s very mind-opening.”

“The level of the dancers’ ability obviously takes many years for them to perfect this level of ability. So that was exceptional.”

“Most of the pieces showed that element of belief in a higher power, beautifully done.”