Music Company Director: Seeing Shen Yun Is a Visual and Audio Feast

March 16, 2017

“Shen Yun fully displays the essence of arts. It’s truly commendable. It (Seeing Shen Yun performance) is a wonderful experience of life, aesthetics and arts.”
“It’s a very unique show with comprehensive features. It is so superb that I was deeply touched today.”


“Shen Yun has a very unique artistic value and artistic spirit. It’s a comprehensive presentation of art and aesthetics in the fields of music, dance, legends and backdrops, etc.”


“She Yun is very particular about the details of its dancers’ body movements and costumes. The timing of their movements is precisely in accord with the sound effects. Take the dance piece Handkerchiefs in Flight for instance. The movements of throwing the handkerchief were precisely at the time when we heard the accompanied sound of cymbals. Their coordination was perfect. It’s something not so easy to come by.”


“When Shen Yun interpreted the emotions including the affections between parents and kids, a husband and a wife, or teachers and students, the music accompanied was synchronized perfectly. I believe they should have been touched so that they could touch the audiences.”


“I think the digital animated backdrops are the extension of the dances. With the combination of dance, music and backdrops, I found the intact aesthetics. So, I was very much impressed.”


“I think seeing Shen Yun is a visual and audio feast. Additionally, I think it can help cultivate our positive energy and cleanse our souls. It can help to enhance our capability of appreciating aesthetics and arts.”


“I hope I can lead my orchestra with Shen Yun’s spirit, and I’ll learn from Shen Yun so as to uplift my level.”


“If get the opportunity, I would like to become part of Shen Yun, and I really look forward to it.”

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