Music and Art Teacher Says Shen Yun Is a Festivity for the Eyes and Soul

March 27, 2017

“It is a festivity for the eyes and also about the soul, because I think the message is also very beautiful. And what I enjoyed very much was the swinging of the clothes  and all the colors like with the blossoms. It was wonderful. And also the [Tibetan] drum dance was very, very powerful.” 


“Actually, it is a lesson in beauty: the pride and connectivity, and the richness of the culture so many centuries ago … and how  in the West we realise so little what a richness [is], how far China evolved 5000 years ago and near the end. There was a critical note in the performance and it ends very positive. I like that also.

“The life is more than the material things .. So letting go of it, also pay attention to other values than what we are busy with in day to day life. . The soul is what will remain.” 


“I think when you are busy with beauty, you will get a very spiritual message anyway at that level. Of course, I liked the lyrics of the singer very much. The lyrics of the vocal piece. It has many references to dreams. … I would like to be here with children just to stimulate their fantasy. It is very fantastic and the added value of the multimedia is unbelievable. How the figures also go to different times. … It doesn’t stop at the boundary of time, it’s continuous. It touches my soul. I am happy when I can witness beauty and this has been offered to me in full. 


“I enjoyed [it] very much, the dance I found most beautiful was with the [yellow[ blossom. Really the abloom of spring, I really need it at the moment … that everything is filled with colors again.” 


“That fresh green of spring, I love it. And then the flowers… the female dancers were really flowers. It was filled with life and that made me happy.” 


“I was moved mainly emotionally. And also my husband was with me and we saw the same things brought a lot of joy to us and yes, you feel that intensely.” 


“I think it [music] sounds really harmoniously. And I thought it was so pleasurable that the colors of Western and Chinese music were so intertwined. It was really beautiful. And I enjoyed the piano a lot and the string instrument [erhu]. It was really beautiful. It has something really refined, something delicate. It is really refreshing music as well.” 


“The total production is a positive message and the music supports this. What I also find amazing is that for each production the music is newly composed, and that is grand. I have a feeling that the total production, the music, as well as the dance, the staging, the backgrounds are from a very high artistry level. And that the education the dancers receive is a proper training. And what is also really beautiful is that they really dance to the music. One can hear that they really listen to the music and that is good. Or one can see that they listen to the music.


“The elegance, the virtuosity—that is so natural at the same time. I can devise a presentation text right here. But what I also found interesting is the virtuosity in the dance, that the steps derive from the Chinese tradition and that is good as well. That is a message that is also within. When in the art you really want to be on a high level, you have to make connections with the past, with tradition and from there build renewal and then it becomes really grand art.” 


“I am just grateful there is such a company. There are so many channels and I am predominantly occcupied with classical music. And maybe that stirs my soul even more… The room is filled. It is a production with a low threshold. And I think it is amazing that with a low threshold production you offer people such an excess of beauty and poetry. I think it is formidable.” 

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