Moved to Tears By The Sheer Pageantry of Shen Yun

February 4, 2018

“Thousands of years of glorious history, pageantry, a belief system, and the overtones of the modern China. … no matter hard they try, they will never ever beat the human spirit. There is a divine being, there is a light thereafter, call it by any name you like, it’s there and they will never ever defeat it. The expertise and the professionalism by all those people that were there, they were brilliant. I cried.”

“Good triumphs over evil … I cried at the sheer pageantry, the sheer history. … It was a brilliant show. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“[Shen Yun gave me hope for the future,] there is a system that’s far bigger, that there are celestial beings, there is an afterlife, there is heaven, there is hell and sometimes it’s on Earth. Never give up hope.”

“The tenor was absolutely brilliant. The pianist was brilliant. The girl that played the erhu—I cried from the start to the finish—I got every range of emotion. Looking at her, the way she was dressed, the way she sat, the way she played, the tone, the timbre the music, the pathos, the exuberance, the softness, the loudness, every emotion under the sun—it was absolutely brilliant.”

“I salute everybody that put it [Shen Yun] on, performed in it and everything that went with it.”