McCallum Theater’s Co-Founder: Shen Yun ‘Most fantastic show ever’

April 28, 2018

“I thought the performance of Shen Yun was the most fantastic show ever. This is one of my all time favorites and I would come year after year. I am not exaggerating.”

“I thought Shen Yun costumes were just breathtaking and colorful. Everything was just so superb and polished. Everyone is so amazingly talented: The dancers, the singers, and the orchestra.”

“The scenery was stunning with all the special effects. I’ve never seen such technical savvy and cleverness in stage sets.”

“The Chinese culture is most impressive. I feel so enlightened. Even though I’ve been to China, I feel that I learned more about the traditions of China in one night of Shen Yun than on my actual trip to China!”

“Tonight, I feel so happy because I feel as though I’ve taken an actual trip to beautiful, traditional China when the rich culture was so alive and vibrant. It was such a moving, emotional experience that I felt I could cry.”

“It was all so beautiful, just simply beautiful. My words can’t express how much I enjoyed the depth and beauty of the music, the visual beauty of the dancers, and all the sounds of the singers, instruments, and orchestra. Bravo!”