Mom Startled as She Welcomes a Surprise Twin Two Minutes After the Birth of Her Daughter

August 25, 2020 Updated: August 25, 2020

When Lyndsey Altice from Wisconsin went into labor, she was delighted to bring her second baby into the world; however, moments after the birth of her little daughter, she was startled to feel more contractions and was surprised to welcome a hidden twin whom she was completely unaware of.

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Lyndsey Altice gives birth to a surprise twin. (Caters News)

“There are no words to describe what I was thinking when I realized I was about to have another baby right there and then,” Altice said describing the moment, according to The Daily Mail.

“The next contraction was almost instant, I knew before the nurses started saying what they thought it was. I could feel the baby coming but could not communicate it through the contraction,” she added.

Baby Billie June, who was born just two minutes after her older sister Ada Maze, made quite a surprise entrance as the mom of three had shown no signs throughout her pregnancy that she was carrying another baby.

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Lyndsey Altice, 30, with her twins, Ada Maze and Billie June. (Caters News)

Throughout her 38 weeks of pregnancy, the 30-year-old mom measured her own weight to make sure she was healthy. Additionally, she also reveals that she had two late ultrasounds, one by an OB-GYN and the other by a sonographer, and still they weren’t able to detect Billie June.

“I would feel my belly all the time and my midwife felt at every appointment,” Altice told TODAY. “You couldn’t feel a second baby.”

On the day Altice went into labor, she was hooked to a baby monitor, and at that time too, the mother saw only a single heartbeat. However, after Ada came out so tiny, the mom was suspicious that something was wrong, as she said she had put on double the weight since giving birth to her first son, Django.

“When I had my son Django a few years previous. He was 9lbs and I put on less weight with him so it was really odd,” Altice recalled, according to The Daily Mail.

After another contraction, that day, one of the nurses thought that it was just a water sack she hadn’t seen before, and everyone in the room seemed to be confused. However, when the second baby arrived, everyone started to have conversations with each other, and all were a bit surprised by the sudden arrival of Billie June.

As the completely unexpected moment played out on July 13, 2019, Altice’s sister managed to snap a series of incredible pictures of the mom in a birthing tub holding her two baby girls in complete shock.

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Lyndsey Altice, 30, completely shocked as she is handed her twin girls. (Caters News)

“[I] had a million thoughts that I couldn’t process because I was completely overwhelmed so I just submitted to the moment, I think my face says it all,” Altice said. “I must have set a world record for how many times someone can scream ‘oh my god; in 10 minutes.”

Surprisingly, Altice even obtained an ultrasound recording after the birth of her girls but still wasn’t able to identify the second baby.

Now, after more than one year since the “surprise” moment unfolded, Altice and her husband, Wesley, are more than delighted to have their twin girls.

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Twins Ada Maze and Billie June. (Caters News)

Altice reveals that her 3-year-old son too adores Ada Maze and Billie June and gets along really well with them. She also adds that she loves looking back at the photos from that day and admits that she might have been bowled over at that moment but is “thrilled” to have them.

In May 2020, the mom shared the story of her surprise twins on Facebook, along with pictures from the intimate moment, where it’s gone viral. She added that she will also show the pictures to the twins once they grow a little older.

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