Model Loves the Colors in Shen Yun

May 6, 2017

“I’ve been wanting to come here for like two years so finally [I came]. I loved it. I really loved the yellow blossoms – it was really beautiful, beautifully structured—It was really well done.”

“I love the colors [of the costumes], especially the village section [‘In the Village of the Yi’], the one where they use very long dresses, skirts with rainbow colors, it looks amazing on the screen, especially if you look at it. And for the audience … in the back the colors really stand out, and that’s what really makes the performance, it’s the colors and the sparkles that they have –the little diamonds on the dresses, that’s amazing, I loved that.”

“I’m originally from Russia and you know Russian ballet is well known also for being one of the best ones in the world but this color is definitely way more brighter and I love that you … combine together the movie in the background with the scene where people would jump out and it was … amazing, no one expected that.”

“They’re great [dancers]. I’ve been watching the technique and it’s pretty synchronized and the jumping, that was amazing. I don’t have words to describe.”