Metropolitan Council Chairman: An Exquisite Performance with Grandeur and Professionalism

February 10, 2014 Updated: February 12, 2014

SUWON, South Korea—World-renown Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company, arrived in South Korea for the second stage of its Asia tour. For people who made their way to the Gyeonggi Arts Center at the southern city of Suwon in South Korea, the performance on Feb. 9 ended with thunderous applause from the audience yearning for more.

Shen Yun presents classical Chinese music and dance to the world, highlighting its 5,000 year old culture.

Among the audience was Kwak Yung Kyom, Daejeon Metropolitan Council Chairman, who believed that Shen Yun showcases the perfect union of the stage and the animated backdrop and authentic traditional Chinese culture.

Mr. Kyom, who couldn’t speak comfortably since his neck was in a cast, still wanted very much to share his feelings: “A good artistic performance should not only enrich the lives of people, but also showcase the culture of a nation. I could sense how every single artist of Shen Yun was truly proud of themselves in presenting this traditional culture,” he said.

Shen Yun performances are comprised of 20 short pieces, both dances and vocalists.

“Every single program is superb. The coordination from all levels is done in perfection,” Mr. Kyom added. What left the deepest impression on Mr. Kymo was the animated backdrop. He gave the perfect flow between the stage and the animated backdrop lavish praise.

Knowing that Shen Yun performance was sold-out at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, in the U.S., Mr. Kyom was not surprised at all. He said, “[Shen Yun] is an exquisite and elite performance. It could take the world by storm because of its grand scale, attention paid to the minutest detail, and overall elegant production.” Mr. Kyom said he could appreciate the message that Shen Yun was trying to deliver: hope.

 ‘Shen Yun is a must-see performance’

“I want to tell everyone. Shen Yun is a must see performance … all 1.3 billion Chinese people should come and see this wonderful performance that touches the heart and mind of people,” Hoon Sul, a lawmaker from Wonmi-gu district in South Korea, sincerely said after seeing the first Shen Yun performance at Suwon on Feb. 9.

Mr. Sul said “I had heard that this performance was spectacular. Now, after seeing it in person, the performance absolutely lived up to its reputation. Five thousand years of Chinese civilization could be had in a two-hour performance. It was a real beauty emotional whirlwind.”

“The music played by the combined Western and Chinese instruments was truly a melody. The voices of the vocalists were likewise outstanding,” Mr. Sul said. “What’s more, the costumes, how beautiful they were, as if maidens had arrived here from heaven. So, I truly believe that it is a treat for the eyes and mind, and also an emotional blast for those who come to see it,” Mr. Sul elaborated.

Mr. Sul continued, “What’s best known to the Koreans is the story of the Monkey King. Its humor is surely be taken up by any Korean who decides to come and see it.”

As for the dance showing the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, Mr. Sul said, “Truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance are universal values of mankind. You couldn’t fault these [principles], and there isn’t any reason for rejecting them.”

“I hope the persecution of [Falun Gong] will stop. It would be great if all 1.3 billion Chinese people could cultivate Falun Gong,” he added.

Reporting by Zhao Runde and Frank Fang

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