Mercury Dental Fillings Infographic

By Joseph Mercola
Joseph Mercola
Joseph Mercola
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December 7, 2014 Updated: December 7, 2014

Waging the War Against Mercury Fillings in Dentistry

Are you aware that out of all the heavy metals that are found in the environment, mercury is the most dangerous? Mercury can poison you in many ways – even through the fillings your dentist puts in your mouth.

A potent neurotoxin, mercury can inflict psychological, neurological, immunological, and endocrinal damage to your health. Exposure can also cause chronic inflammation, which is the foundation of numerous diseases.

Mercury often goes unnoticed. It can enter your body through the air, land, and even water.

Coal power plants, which generate more than 50 percent of electricity in the United States, are the number one source of mercury pollution in the environment. There are about 600 coal-fueled power plants in the US, and each releases about 170 pounds of mercury into the air together with other air pollutants. That’s 51 tons of mercury discharged into the environment annually.

Mercury seeps into the human body through dental amalgams.

Mercury dental fillings are the second largest mercury polluters in the country. While promoted by the dental community as seemingly harmless “silver fillings,” these amalgams release colorless, tasteless, and odorless mercury vapors into your oral cavity when you eat or drink. A single amalgam releases as much as 15 micrograms of mercury per day.

REMEMBER: You can get sick from just ONE mercury dental filling. Add daily exposure to mercury vapors from amalgams to your other mercury and heavy metal exposures every single day, and you get an idea how much your health is endangered.

If mercury dental fillings are so hazardous, why are they still used by dentists?

Aside from the issue of profitability, these toxic amalgams are easier to install than composite fillings. The dental industry also has a powerful entity backing it up – the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA continues to allow the use of “silver fillings” without warning that they are made of mercury!

Mercury-free dentists are emerging and providing safe alternatives to mercury fillings. You can find them in your own state.

YOU can help make 100% mercury-free dentistry possible!

Information on the hazards of dental amalgams is a powerful strategy. Help promote mercury-free dentistry and safe alternatives, and make the mercury-free choice for yourself and your family today., together with the Consumers for Dental Choice, has created this infographic containing significant numbers of mercury use and dangers, as well as safer and affordable alternatives for your oral health.

Arm yourself with this helpful information and spread the word! Share this infographic with your family and friends today.