Meaning of the Name ‘Shen Yun’ Attracted Theatergoer to Performance

January 5, 2018

“It’s culturally rich. It’s got beautiful choreography, color, nice themes, very, very nice.”

“[What stood out in the piece ‘Lofty Spirits on the Grasslands’ were the] colors, action, and choreography. Very pleasant to watch. And the wedding scene [‘Unprecedented Crime’] was [a favourite] because of the conflict [persecution] that they’re having in China, and the resistance to that. … It was nice to see how they portrayed it and reflect how it is over there.”

“[The animated backdrop] is a great effect. It allows you to feel depth and continuation in the back scene. And it was nice how they went from one scene flying through another one and made it feel like we were floating with them.”

“Phenomenal timing of all the dancers, it was very good.”

“[The meaning of the name Shen Yun] was actually what attracted me when I read about what it meant—divine rhythm. That’s what pulled me to watch it.” [Editor’s note: During the performance, the emcees explain that Shen Yun means “the beauty of divine beings dancing.” For a more detailed explanation of the meaning, you can refer to this post.)

“[I enjoyed] the spirituality and the way it’s portrayed in the movement. …The way the feelings are portrayed, or the theme of each part of Chinese history, is portrayed through the dance and the music at the same time. And the movement, it makes you feel what they are trying to portray. I find that they did a very good job.”