Mayor of Burbank: Everyone Should See Shen Yun

April 29, 2017

“The performance so far has been great; it’s really enjoyable. The colors are so vibrant, and they really stand out. Just a great performance.”

“The dancers are beautiful. I mean obviously they’re telling a story, … the story is being told, and it’s being told very well.” 

“The cultural part is [touching]. The one where you can see the baby is adopted by the photographer (“A Child’s Choice”), and then she comes back later on as a young adult, young lady, that’s touching. That was very touching.”

It’s been wonderful. It’s been a ‘Wow!’ moment when you see the colors, when you see the dancers and the expressions on their faces. I just feel everybody should come and see it.” 

“It’s telling the story that a lot of people can’t see in China. … But its being shown all over the United States, so [I] believe it’s a message that’s being delivered to the people.”