Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop OBE: Shen Yun Is Creative and Exciting

February 19, 2018

“I’m looking a lot [at the costumes]. I can tell the costumes are mainly silk, because they flow easily. It flows very much with the air and the movement and so on.”

“I like the color; that excites me. Lots of vibrant colors. [The combination of colors] flows very well. They relate to each other: there are contrasts and the coordination of colors.”

“I like pink and I like the deep fuschia, that’s lovely. All the colors are very vibrant, very summery; on a cold wintry day like today, it seems even more exciting.”

“When you look at something as really creative and exciting as this show, I think it gives us a feeling of finding your youth again. It’s a show for all ages.”

“What I think is particularly special about [Shen Yun] is that you bring centuries-old tradition to the modern day. And this is why I’ve come here—to really enjoy the tradition.”

“It’s important, like language, that we don’t lose our language, that we don’t lose our culture, and shows like this are very relevant to bringing historical culture in more interesting ways [to audiences], so people can understand and can enjoy it.”

“I think the history is very important, that the cultural history continues to live on, and it should be promoted.”

“Once you keep it alive now, it might be 50 years from now, but I think that culture to some extent will return, because to understand your present and your future, you’ve got to look at what happened in the past, and looking back to the past actually tells us who we really are, as a nation.”