Marketing Vice President Sees Unity in Shen Yun

February 24, 2018

“I thought it was beautiful!”

“It was not anything I was aware of in terms of the history of the Chinese culture and the divinity that was involved with the different dance.”

“The costumes were beautiful.”

“I think one of my favorite pieces was how the dancers moved with their costumes on and used the screen in the background to interact with the dancers to help tell the story. It also made me appreciate the universal language of dance because we were able to understand the story in Chinese and English.”

“The storytelling was really beautiful because I think it unites us in terms of humanity and tells the story of despair, of hope. In one particular story, a couple was separated and he was tortured and lost his sight, and through faith and hope, they found each other again through the divinity.”

“The backdrops were incredible! The colors even matched all of the outfits, the costumes. One of my favorite things is when the dancers will jump off the stage into the screen and then the activity and action happens on the big screen in the background.”