Manager: ‘I cried when it started, and I cried when it finished’

February 25, 2018

“I think it was absolutely amazing, I’ve really enjoyed it. I cried when it started and I cried when it finished.”

“It has beautiful colours and I just can’t imagine the work that people have put into that. Just to do one of the moves must have taken hours and hours of practice.”

“And it was stunning. I knew straight away when I saw it advertised I wanted to come and see it. I’ve really enjoyed it, thank you.”

“I was thinking about the commitment that people have put in to showing the performance and capturing the history and the culture of the dance, which could get lost if it’s not put into a performance.”

“The values were amazing … about being kind and being gentle with people, and that kind people always win. If you are dedicated and committed to something, you will always shine in the end.”

“I meditate myself, so a lot of the things I do I think probably come from some of that culture.”

“[You see in Shen Yun] all the divine beings that have led people and given them faith and hope and how they have changed people. I thought it was really spiritual, and the spirituality mostly came through in the performers and their belief in what they were doing. You could tell that they were dedicated to that.”

“[The performance was] outstanding, amazing, emotional, and I’d like to come back sometime.”