Manager Felt Connection to Shen Yun

February 2, 2017

“Oh, it was spectacular! I think it was great. The choreography, the precision that was done in. The colors—the beauty of it.”

“The dance is so precise, everything about it to watch about it from the girls’ hands, just the way they hold their fingers and move every little single part is incredible. And to know that’s on purpose.”

“I think what was so beautiful and brought out was the happiness of the people and the love that kind of came through and that sincerity of that kindness. I felt it. … And hopeful.

“In this particular production I think it was interesting that they’re trying to have their freedom of what they want to believe in and what they pursuing—and not be persecuted for that and we can understand that greatly.”

“The music was fabulous, I think I particularly enjoyed the soloist one the two strings (erhu). Oh my gosh, to be able to bring that kind of music, that kind of feeling all out from two little strings was just amazing. It almost brought tears to my eyes it was just so beautiful. So beautiful.”

“I would say [Shen Yun’s] a must see. Short and sweet. … My boss and her husband and his mother, that’s how we heard about it and that’s why we came because it sounds interesting … So I’m so glad that we did and I told him I’d be giving him a review tomorrow but I’m not going to give him a review. I’m just going to say you’ll love it.”