Magazine Publishers Enjoy the Beauty and Production of Shen Yun

April 30, 2017

“It’s lovely. … “I really wanted to discover more of the culture. I’ve never been to China, so this is one way for me to travel back in the past and discover more of the culture. So I really like it.” 

“It’s very relaxing. I love the performers, I love the orchestra.”

“[The digital backdrop] was very interesting, very innovative. … It’s a very nice touch to add that, definitely.” 

“I love production, I used to put up my own shows. Just in a different field, fitness. So I loved the production, I love the costumes, … I know just how much work goes into this, so I appreciate the production side of it a lot.” 

Dr. Cat Begovic, MD:

“I love it because I use to do Chinese Dance. I actually use to perform…. all over the East Coast.”

“My daughter really enjoys dance. I wanted to share that with her.” 

“Overall its very visually beautiful. That’s what I enjoy the most. I went to Chinese school when I was younger, but I think I have forgotten a lot of the traditional stories and things like that. So for me it is nice to refresh my memory with a lot of the stories.” 

“I would love to come back.”