Shen Yun Brings Joy to Tokyo Audience

February 3, 2014 Updated: February 8, 2014

TOKYO—On Feb. 2, Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company performed its final performance in Tokyo at the New National Theater. With one climax after another throughout the Shen Yun performances, more and more Japanese attendees have become Shen Yun fans.

Stepping out of the theater, Iwao Tasuku Kiyoshiken, the president of Osaka property Management Company, was full of joy. After watching Shen Yun performances four consecutive times, he exclaimed in an excited voice, “It’s really wonderful!”

“Shen Yun’s programs are different every year. I felt like I’m seeing heaven. From the artistic aspect, it is indeed an audio and visual feast. From the spiritual level, it has the connotation of Buddha’s compassion, and this is really important.”

When speaking about the first program of Grand Descent of the Deities, Mr. Iwao said, “The deities descend to the earth with a mission, that is, to save sentient beings in the human world.”

When it comes to the program about the stories of Falun Gong, Iwao Tasuku Kiyoshiken said that Falun Gong is very popular outside China, but has been persecuted in mainland China.

He added, “As everyone knows, Japan is influenced by Chinese traditional culture and it learns from China. Chinese culture is flushing in Japan. Many Japanese philosophies originated from China.

However, traditional culture has almost disappeared in China, and ruined by the Chinese Communist Party’s revolutions.”

Have Never Seen Such a Magnificent Performance!

Mr. Jim Manning and his wife Mrs. Mary Manning come from Yokosuka to watch Shen Yun’s last performance in the New National Theater on Feb 2. Mr. Manning works as a contractor in the Naval Base in Yokosuka.

Mrs. Manning said, “This is just eye-opening and perfect. I have never seen such magnificent performance!”

“It’s an extremely moving and wonderful performance. I have learned many things from it, and I really like it,” she said.

“The program in which a group of students got into trouble (When Play Turns to Panic), it was so much fun and interesting,” she said, mentioning one of the dances that particularly caught her attention.

Mrs. Manning was taken away by the Manchurian princesses dancing in their “flower pot” shoes, “With shoes that small they were able to balance themselves, they are truly talented!”

“Every program is the best, they are just wonderful,” said Mr. Manning, “The live orchestra is outstanding and the performance is fabulous. I love this show. We are glad we bought the tickets!”

The Performance is Too Good to be True

Mr. Fukui Mamoru, president of a construction company and member of the Rotary Club, and his daughter Ms. Fukui Natsuki also went to see Shen Yun Performing Arts’ last show in Tokyo this year.

“My daughter said that she missed the opportunity to see it in the U.S. and had to see it after she came back,” said Mr. Fukui.

Ms. Fukui practiced ballet and is now an actress. She had seen Shen Yun’s poster when she was in New York and the same poster when she was riding the subway in Tokyo. “I had to come,” said Ms. Fukui.

Mr. Fukui loved what he saw, “It was marvelous!” “So many artists move in sync and the costumes were gorgeous. I couldn’t have enough of the magnificent scenes.”

Ms. Fukui added her opinion: “The ancient mythical stories were so much fun and they enriched the programs. The luxurious costumes were just dazzling.”

Mr. Fukui agreed with his daughter, “Each program is unique. This is the first time I saw a stage with high tech background projections, charming! It made the story of Ne Zha Churns the Sea seem really happening in front of me.”

Ms. Fukui paid special attention to the artists’ dancing skills. “The movements were silky smooth and whatever difficult technical movements they did, they made them seem so easy. Each ethnic dance had its own signature, like the Yao dance was so vibrant and full of life. It’s such a feast!”

“The stage was as beautiful as beautiful can get and it combines various kinds of art forms. I felt the richness and diversity of the Chinese culture. It’s a joyous ride through the Chinese history. I will recommend it to my friends and will cherish the things I saw today,” Mr. Fukui said.

Reporting by Ren Zihui and Fleu L, Zhang Nini and Lin Hsin-Yi, and Niu Bin

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