Local Government Senior Manager Sees Shen Yun as ‘Fine Art’

February 3, 2018

“Their synchronicity was amazing. The colour, the costumes, the technical work with the backdrop. They cut out on time, they dropped out on time. So light on their feet! And it was a cultural journey. I felt that I learnt something about the history of the dance—which was good.”

“The brilliance of the costumes, the way that the women managed the sleeves. It was more than dance, it was fine art really.”

“I feel like I’m walking away with something new. … The strength of the people not to let it [their cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs] go. What they believe in, they’re prepared to be persecuted for.”

“I’m walking away having a great evening, something new, something different—the technical brilliance of them [the Shen Yun dancers]. … The arm lifts were the same, the height of the jumps were the same. The choreography was subtle but tight. The colours of the costumes, everything. Bit of humour, bit of sadness, all of that—it was well balanced.”