Lieutenant Colonel (Retired): Shen Yun ‘Resonated with Me’

December 27, 2017

“This show resonated with me. There were so many great things. I liked the part where the young man finds this young lady, marries her, and then he goes off to war for 18 years, and she’s waiting for him. So I was just hugging her and I looked at my wife, because she waited for me.”

“This was our Christmas present. I’ve been wanting to come since last year.”

“It’s exciting … just the technology [animated digital backdrops] also, with everything coming in, and the technology with the 5000 years of dancing, it just moved me. It was awesome; I loved it.”

“I was Facebooking our friends, and I said, ‘Hey, we’re here at the concert.’ And people were asking me on Facebook, ‘Did you like it?’ And I’m like, ‘I loved it! There’s also another show tomorrow!’ This was our holiday to come out here and celebrate and spend some time. It was really good, I enjoyed it. Just a lot of the dances, just the flipping and dancing and the music—I was captivated the whole time.”

“There were many other stories [that I enjoyed] … you go back and then it had the spiritual aspect of it. It talked about the times, and then of course what’s going on with history and modern times too. So you can look at things that are happening right now in our lives and understand that it’s all about humanity, it’s about different cultures … ”

“[The last dance performance], for me, now that I’m retired … very spiritual. Just to understand that there’s a spirituality with the show, and [what was going on in] China, I didn’t know that … It did open my mind too. One God, one creator, and there’s a Heaven that we’re all seeking to go to … I want that. I want that for my family. And the show kind of put that out too, also that there are people all over the world that have the same goal that I want—to go to heaven.”

“I didn’t know handkerchiefs could go out like boomerangs and come back! I thought that was really cool … But to me, I look at people with talent like tha—they’ve got a God-given talent, so they’re expressing and sharing their talent to us. So I can’t do that. I can’t jump around, I got a bad leg, I got hurt a while back, so I can’t do it. But to see someone else jump around and do these flips—they’ve got God-given talent, and they’re sharing what they have. … They have a talent that you’re able to understand, the beauty of humans and what we have … That was just phenomenal.”