Lawyer: Shen Yun Is a ‘Spiritual Food’

February 24, 2018

“I’d like to wish all the Chinese people around the world a happy Chinese New Year.”

“Thank you [Shen Yun] so much for such incredible skill, incredible tradition, [and for] preserving it and bringing it to us today.”

“It was such an immense history, and to take it right up to today, and to bring heaven to earth for us, it was so spiritual, so uplifting, and leaves a healing memory.”

“It’s not just an art, it’s a medicine, it’s a spiritual food; it’s a skill which is heavenly—divine. It’s very, very special.”

“The music, the dancing, the colour, the combination of all the skills together, and the particular way that [Shen Yun does] it—it’s so contrasting with the West that it makes us think differently; you open our minds for us.”

“[The performance] brought God down in the end, in the last scene, and created heaven on earth for us, so heaven and earth became one. What could be more perfect?”

“I find it deeply spiritual, very uplifting, and something that will last with me forever, it reaches so deeply.”

“It’s such a skill [Shen Yun performers] have to touch us in such a way intellectually and spiritually. You leave us with so much to learn from you, to think about.”

“Something like this feeds the soul.”

“Nowhere in the world, if anyone’s honest, even any politician, nobody really wants to persecute anyone else deep down, if they were strong enough to admit that. It’s a weakness, it’s a fear. If you want to persecute someone else you’re afraid of what they are saying aren’t you, so it’s a form of suppression.”

“It’s really sad if we cannot tolerate and come to understand each other, and learn from each other, and rise with each other, and see the wonder in each other, and the skill and the depth and the thoughts, and look at things from a different perspective.”

“We all agree on the fundamental values. We want peace, we want harmony, we want to love our fellow human beings, as [Shen Yun does] in this beautiful work that you give us—you spread love, joy, harmony.”

“Thank you for all your beautiful, divine dancing, costumes, [and] spiritual, uplifting, healing atmosphere.”

“Please keep coming back and sharing all your beauty and your soul with us.”