Lawyer: ‘It moves the human spirit’

February 25, 2018

“The gracefulness, the elegance, the peacefulness that’s portrayed, the beautiful vibrancy of colours. I think the cultural spirit of it all.”

“It’s very uplifting in terms of the spirit. The music assists that. [The Eastern and Western orchestra is] a wonderful display of the cultures coming together to actually illustrate a peacefulness and a oneness in the world.”

“[The erhu] was amazing considering it’s a two-stringed instrument and bearing in mind the breadth of the notes and sound and vibration that it plays. Again it’s almost a spiritual vibration.”

“I find that the whole performance is very spiritual. I think it moves the human spirit. [It] teaches peacefulness, togetherness, oneness, gracefulness.”

“It’s wonderful that a group of people are willing to go out and have their voices heard through the performing arts.”