Las Vegas Actor Says Shen Yun a Must-See

March 13, 2017

“It is phenomenal. The dancers are wonderful.” 

“I especially enjoyed the tenor. He was great. … As an American, I’m used to hearing people sing in English, and hearing somebody sing in Chinese was a very different experience for me, and yet the emotions are still the same.”

“Just amazingly emotional, especially when [the emcee] told us that it was a performance that you could not see in China.” 

“[The orchestra and dancers] all go together like pieces of a puzzle. Everybody seems to be performing as one, and that is truly beautiful.”

“It’s incredible. Even though I don’t know what the stories are because I have not been exposed to them before, everything that’s happening is very clear. … There are some historical and mystical elements to the show that I wasn’t aware of.”

“This is a show that, if you want to have a deeper understanding of China and a deeper connection with Chinese culture, you absolutely have to see this show.”