Korean Headmaster Says Shen Yun Brings Him the Real China

February 10, 2017

“This is an extraordinary culture. To pay close attention, I steadied my breath, and I did not dare to look elsewhere or listen to anything else—I dare not be distracted by anything.”  


“Shen Yun touched me, brought me great joy, and had a healing effect on me, as I would be healthy with positive energy.”


“I was in awe with the program “The Enchanted Painting.” The goddess was at the mountain and in the sea, and how she walked out from a painting. Those were all unbelievable scenes. And it is amazing how Shen Yun could bring out these incredible scenes on to the stage.”  


“I can tell they put in a lot of effort, and such effort is not about how they are simply doing their job or making a living. They put their hearts and souls into the performance. Then they touch the audience with a performance that is just perfect.”


“Now I look at myself, how my view about China changes after the show. Before the show, the China I knew was the modern-day China. But now, the real China is what I see today.”