KJAZZ Host Jerry Sharell: Shen Yun Orchestra and Dancers ‘Synchronized Beyond Belief’

April 15, 2017

“I think it’s indescribable. … It is not just the dancing, it’s the acting. I see the expression on all their faces. … They’re acting, as well as dancing. I think it’s just incredible.”

“I notice the faces, the faces on the women. They’re smiling, at the beginning of the show, and on the second number the guys come up and are very stoic, very still, kind of rough looking. 

“But then it changes. They play the face, it actually reflects what they’re doing on stage. If it’s a bad scene, with the guys beating up on one of those people, that sort of thing, they are mean. And when it’s dancing, it’s incredible.”

“[The dancers] don’t miss anything. I think those ladies and men, they probably have to go to school for years and years and years to learn dance. It’s all so synchronized; it’s all so studied. It’s just fantastic.”

“I think it’s amazing how you have the figures come out from the screen, and then all of sudden they appear live on the stage. It’s amazing, I’ve never seen that before. Just amazing.”

“It’s new to me; I love it. It’s so different than the American music I’m so used to all my life. This is amazing, I can’t believe the musicians, and the different instruments that I’m hearing for the first time. … And it’s just unforgettable.”

“It is fabulous. It is just fabulous. Everybody, it must be the finest players in town to do that because it is really synchronized beyond belief. The music is almost choreographed as well.” 

“I’m deeply interested [in traditional Chinese culture], and I think that the way [Shen Yun presents this thing is just amazing.” 

“I can use the words everybody else use, beautiful, unbelievable, just incredibly unforgettable. Is good, too, because I will leave here and talk about this for a long, long time.”