Kay Dore: Shen Yun ‘One-of-a-Kind Performance’

April 29, 2018

“I thought the performance was wonderful, the colors were fantastic, the dancers were magnificent, the theme was beautiful—of healing and overcoming.”

“The blindness, coming back to life, seeing a place beyond which we live [heavens], it’s just beautiful.” [Chinese dance story ‘Unprecedented Crime’].

“Everything [the performers] did was done with such honor. … It’s the fact that they have given so much of their time to perfection-It was quite wonderful.”

“[The lyrics said the Creator coming to save the world] I think it’s the truth.”

“I was amazed. The fact that the classical Chinese dance is so intricate, and it takes so much concentration and so much physical devotion to their art—I’m very impressed.”

“The colors were incredible. I wondered many times what the various colors meant, because they were so intense and lovely.”

“I believe in the hereafter, and I’m really sorry that … people can really take away your freedom.”

“The fact that this production is done, is an inspiration to the people who are not allowed to worship as they want, do the meditation as they want.”

“It was spectacular. A one-of-a-kind performance.”

“I would come back [to see Shen Yun] again.”