Journalist Says Shen Yun ‘brave, the expression of freedom, spiritual goodness, compassion’

April 12, 2018

“I love the spirit of it. It’s elevated and refined. I really like it.”

“What I like about the show is the combination of modern and traditional. Because we can’t go back 5,000 years, but we can take the best of the 5,000 years and move ahead.”

“It’s interesting that the scenery [digital backdrops], costumes and dances were all a combination of hi-tech, modern, and ancient tradition. So I just love that.”

“It’s just so beautiful. It’s the expression of freedom, spiritual goodness, compassion, … It was very touching to me.”

“I found it very, very beautiful and very touching because I know a little about the history of Falun Gong. I know they had a lot support in China in the beginning, but then they became so popular [and were later] persecuted.”

“It’s a side of China you don’t get to see very often because the media is so controlled. So it was really beautiful.”

“I do see hope. That kind of spirit, spiritual cravings, right along with the craving for freedom of expression of all kinds, I don’t think you can ever stop it.”

“I think it’s brave. It’s inevitable. There is in every artist and every person, the desire to express themselves freely.”

“[The message resonated with me] very much. It’s very universal.”

“When I see something like this emerging out of China, I am so hopeful for the people. Human beings are physical, intellectual, emotional, but spiritual also. There are four components. If you take out the spiritual, it doesn’t make a complete human being. So, I am hopeful for China. To see this going worldwide, it’s touching. It’s hopeful.”

“I feel great. I’m so happy we came. I’m going to bring the rest of my family next year.”