Japanese Model Feels Her Life Is Blessed at Shen Yun

April 25, 2018

“This is my first time seeing classical Chinese dance. And I am so touched by what I have seen. The dance was so fluid and even the smallest detail was done with such smoothness.”

“I’ve learned quite a few things from the sleeves dance, like the arm and finger movement. … The costumes were exquisite.”

“The music brought me this unque flavor of the Chinese culture, … the live orchestra worked so well with the performance on the stage.”

“I was stunned by the [digital] backdrop. … It provided an unbelievable extention of the stage—
very innovative.”

“I could tell how the performers put their heart into this performance. … Their footwork was so fluid, … the dynamics of their movement—I also sensed a energy from the stage.”

“I believe my life has surely been blessed with what I saw today, for example, how I should be firm to my own faith and my own goals. … I will think more about this after I go home.”