Japanese Ballerina Is Touched and Happy Seeing Shen Yun’s Story Dances

April 29, 2018

“I was very touched. When the curtain was first opened, and the performers started dancing, tears began to fill my eyes. … The story dances were done with such gracefulness, I was both touched and happy seeing them.”

“I started doing classical ballet and jazz dance when I was little. And I found a strong resonance with how [Shen Yun] dancers moved their hands and fingers—their fingers seemed to be conveying emotions as well.”

“The performance on the stage was great. [It made me] think about where I come from, and what kind of mental attitude I should have about life.”

“I did sense a very powerful and warm [energy]. I couldn’t really describe it. But it was really wonderful. … I wonder whether this energy had come from the artistic director—his compassionate energy.”

“The music was very pleasant. When the [musical instrument] gong was struck the very first time, which was also my first time hearing such a sound, I had goosebumps all of a sudden.”

“The erhu, on the other hand, just brought back a sense of nostalgia.”

“The screen [digital backdrop] was awesome. I did feel like I had been drawn into it—transporting to different worlds. … I felt like a child at the time, very curious, like having an adventure.”