‘I’ve bought tickets for two nights,’ Musician Says

April 9, 2018

“I’ve come every year since it [Shen Yun] started here. … This is the first year that I’ve seen it twice—this year I’ve bought tickets for two nights, and I’m overwhelmed at how much more I got the second night.”

“I’m from a musician, dancing family, but I don’t have those skills, but that [performance] was very interesting.”

“Because I felt like I haven’t seen it, … I saw scenes today which I didn’t remember seeing two days ago. I am sure they were all the same, … but it’s so complex. … I think the complexity of what they do is wonderful. I will go twice next year.”

“I enjoy watching the talent. I don’t know how to put it in words. This is something that everybody should see.”

“The most impression is the synchronization—I’m overwhelmed that the precision is 100 percent—I look for mistakes and didn’t see any.”

“I’m so impressed with the intensity that I see. My seats are very good—so I could look right down at the stage. I ordered the tickets the very first day they came out, that way I get my good seats. It’s interesting to watch the concentration of the dancers.”

“I’m not seeing a show like this anywhere else in the world.”

“[The energy on the stage] is explosive. I cannot sit still when I am watching it. … I am very impressed.”