‘It’s very spirited and full of joy,’ Writer Says of Shen Yun

January 7, 2018

“I was inspired by the culture of the show, the different eras, the different aspects of culture, the colors, the scenes, the whole set pieces—very inspiring.”

“We spent most of the show giggling to ourselves at the wonder of it. We’ve been very pleased with the show. It’s very spirited and full of joy. We can sense the whole-hearted spirit of the Chinese culture in the show.”

“I enjoyed the [“Han Dynasty Sleeves”] dance. I thought it was like spring flowers on a small pond.”

“The dance, music, costume, and background—I thought there was a strong unity across all those topics. I enjoyed seeing the [backdrop] colors and I felt that the orchestra was light and full. It was a joy to hear live music while they dance.”

“I thought there was joy. You could tell they were enjoying themselves. There was a spring in their step and they’re happy to be there.”

“The energy I feel is positivity. I feel that all of the performers are happy to be a part of it and that really shows in their body movement and the way they present themselves.”