‘It’s very informative and rich,’ Says Education Executive

January 18, 2018

“I really enjoyed it. … I’m impressed also by the quality of the dancers—a lot of technique, a lot of grace. So it was a beautiful evening.”

“These are stories that refer to a culture in a more ancient time. So it’s interesting because it’s something unknown to us, since we haven’t necessarily studied the history. It’s very informative and rich. It’s a show that is really worth discovering. If there are people who hesitate, I would tell them that it’s worth coming to see, hear, and enjoy the music at least once.”

“There was a harmony between the dancers and the music. … And even if there’s a lot of technique because they do extraordinary things—well, it flows, it’s fluid, and it’s graceful. It seems effortless.”

Danielle Boucher, school principal, president of AQPDE (Quebec Association of School Executive Staff)
Grand Théâtre de Québec, Quebec City, Canada
Shen Yun Touring Company
January 17, 2018