‘It’s inspiring,’ Former Member of Parliament Says of Shen Yun

March 1, 2017

“It’s a beautiful show—beautiful dances, wonderful music, great message of tolerance. I liked that dance where the fight between the evil and the good goes on and good is victorious. This is a message that people should always look forward to because we have so many different struggles in life.”


“For me, it has also another dimension. I used to be part of the dancing and singing group back in Poland where I grew up. [Shen Yun] is a different type of dancing, but it’s wonderful, it’s inspiring.”


“It’s very important to bring that culture and the message to other people around the world. We have so many things that we can share with each other—we come from different backgrounds, different cultures—but it’s so important that we share our experiences, we share our culture, we share also our universal values. We may express it differently, but there are common values for all of us regardless of where we’re coming from.”


“The dance, costumes, and music come together so well, they are so well arranged. I’m truly amazed. It’s wonderful and I hope I see the performances next year and the following years. I know they will be coming here to the Toronto area, and I will be able to see them.”


“To Canadians that haven’t seen the show, I would say, ‘come and see it!’ Every year you have a few chances to go to see the show. Come and see it, it’s truly wonderful. It’s worth seeing.”