‘It’s a warm glowing feeling inside of me’

January 20, 2017

“I was overwhelmed. I really enjoyed the colours, they are beautiful. They are just like little fairies floating on stage [in the dance titled ‘Lotus Fairies’]. It’s just a beautiful scene to see. …

“They mellowed me out, they made me so relaxed. It brought me back to times when my kids were small, into the fairy world, when they liked fairy tales. It brought back so many memories to see [the dancers] floating around. They look like little angels on stage, like little fairies.”

“Warm feelings, just beautiful, awesome. It’s a warm glowing feeling inside of me. … There are not enough words to explain it, I just enjoyed it. Very, very awesome, fantastic. I would love to come and see it again.”

“The feelings are very overpowering, overwhelming. You just feel like you are there with them on stage, you feel like you are flowing with them. … I could feel the impact of it. Their performance took me to an area where I had never been before. Overwhelming and beautiful.”

“I will tell everybody to come and watch this performance. … Just astonished. Wonderful. I just loved it, and I would come back.”