‘It’s a blessing that we can see’ Shen Yun, Says Theatergoer

March 15, 2017

“Everything about the show has caught my heart, because no way should a culture like this be destroyed or forgotten. It should be celebrated. It’s beautiful.”


“It’s a crime that something this beautiful that belongs to the Chinese people cannot be shown to Chinese people. But it’s a blessing that we can see it.”


“If I wasn’t a man, I’d cry. It’s beautiful. It touches my heart.”


“It’s just the joy on the dancers’ faces. You can see that they know that they are bringing to life a culture that the communists tried to destroy. And they are bringing it back. You see the joy in their faces that [they] are preserving what took 5,000 years to build.”


“Their talent is amazing.”


“Freedom and expression should always be celebrated, not destroyed.”