‘It’s a blessing that we can see’ Shen Yun, Says Theatergoer

March 15, 2017

“Everything about the show has caught my heart, because no way should a culture like this be destroyed or forgotten. It should be celebrated. It’s beautiful.”


“It’s a crime that something this beautiful that belongs to the Chinese people cannot be shown to Chinese people. But it’s a blessing that we can see it.”


“If I wasn’t a man, I’d cry. It’s beautiful. It touches my heart.”


“It’s just the joy on the dancers’ faces. You can see that they know that they are bringing to life a culture that the communists tried to destroy. And they are bringing it back. You see the joy in their faces that [they] are preserving what took 5,000 years to build.”


“Their talent is amazing.”


“Freedom and expression should always be celebrated, not destroyed.” 

Scott Guthrie, regional sales manager
Phoenix, United States
Shen Yun International Company
March 14, 2017