‘It was so gorgeous and it really had something for everyone’

March 3, 2017

“I loved it! I’m so glad we came to see it. We saw it advertised last year but we missed it, and so we wanted to make sure we came this year.”


“We actually took [our two children] out of school today. We thought it was worth it for the cultural experience to see a little bit about Chinese culture, and of course dance and music. It’s so important for kids.


“We talked about it before we came today. We said that we wanted the kids to write a review about the experience and present it to their class so that they can express what they saw and what they learned today.”


“In movies and TV, we’ve lost the value of live performances. But when you look back over 10 years, do you remember the movies that you saw or do you remember the live performances that you saw? And you really do. So bringing your kids and showing them how important that is, is great.”


“We were thinking that we really need to bring our parents here to see it. I think everybody would love it. It was so gorgeous and it really had something for everyone.


“It really was universal. It just went from one thing to another, to another, and everything was so different. It wasn’t the same throughout. It was so diverse that it really attracted everyone to it.”