‘It was magnificent, I wanted to photograph it all,’ Says Photographer

January 5, 2018

“I loved it all. It was all so beautiful. The colors, and the way they did the video with the real life, and then the video, jumping back and forth. That was incredible!”

“It was just magnificent. It brought tears to my eyes. It was just so much, so much to take in, and I wanted to bring my camera out. … That was my instinct, was [that] I want to photograph it all.”

“Absolutely [it gave me inspiration]! I’m going to tell everybody about it. I was telling my class, I teach fitness as well, I told them that I was going and now I’m just going to spread the word to everybody that they should come out and see it as well.”

“[The dancers] made it look so easy. They’re so light on their feet. … The artistry was incredible.”

“So nice to see a live orchestra again. [The soprano performance] was lovely. [The erhu] was incredible! … There are two strings yet there is such a range.”

“I was so moved [by the spiritual themes]. I think that should be universal.”

“[Referring to the dance stories portraying Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful resistance to persecution in China,] I think it’s important to spread that message. It’s about spirituality and meditation and being true to yourself, … about compassion and kindness, … tolerance, being kind to each other, loving each other.”

“[These traditional values are still beneficial for today’s society,] absolutely, more than ever. I think it’s timeless … because it’s very important for the survival of humanity. … It’s very peaceful. It’s very peaceful values.”