‘It was like heaven,’ Exclaims Former Rehab Counselor

February 8, 2018

“It was magnificently beautiful.”

“I like the creation story. The story was really beautiful. Being a native American, the creation story is very interesting to me.”

“It’s magnificent and sad, but joyful that they [Shen Yun] could bring this to us. Yet, they can’t even perform it in their own country. Of course, we know how that feels when dances and culture are taken away from the people. This is quite beautiful about Shen Yun.”

“It is so spiritual. I can hardly explain it. It’s like heaven. No matter what aspect of religion or beliefs that you have, you could get something out of this, and you keep it and maintain it in your heart forever, I believe.”

“I love it. I would see it ten more times without hesitation.”

“Don’t miss it. If you have any time left, if you have a day left in your life, try and see this, because it would be well worth it.”